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rainbow colored piercing fashion

We all know that rainbow fashion is riding it’s peak right now, but in the month of June, the rainbow is especially relevant.  This whole month is Pride Month, and rocking a little rainbow-wear is just one more way to show the Pride participants in your community a little extra love.

For the pierced, tattooed, and otherwise modified, multi-tonal fashion is both easy and fun.  Whether it’s clothes, accessories, jewelry, makeup, hair, nails, or whatever else you can use to decorate your bod, there’s never too much color in a sweet rainbow-centric ensemble.  Just check out what these cool and creative fashionistas have done:

 rainbow colored styles

One of the simplest and funnest ways to add a bit of extra color to your wardrobe this month is by filling your piercings with it.  Rainbow titanium body jewelry can be cute and understated, or wild and super sparkly; it all depends on your personal style.  Just mix and match until you find the perfect colorful combo.  Best outfit ever; no stylist required.

rainbow colored titanium body jewelry

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