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great gifts for fathers day

Can’t figure out what to get the man that already seems to have it all?  Never fear; we’ve got the perfect Father’s Day picks for every guy.

The Business Casual Bro

If the man is all business (with a wardrobe to match), then the perfect piece is something that will inject a little special style into the world of the drab gray suit.  Ties are so last year.  We’re talking about cufflinks.  These little beauties run the gambit from cute to cool, to “I want a pair of those!”  He’ll be thanking you for the conversation starter, trust us.

 cuff links for guys who mean business

The Happenin’ Hipster

This young, hip dadster needs something a little new-old-school.  Why not snap up a shiny, less-than-mainstream money clip?  And if you’re really feeling generous, maybe wrap it around a few greenbacks.

 cool offbeat money clips for hip guys

The Sports Supporter

If he has a favorite team that you hear about almost as much as the kids, then it’s time to come out of the locker room and wear it proudly.  After all, in guy world, team paraphernalia is kind of like how tea cups are in girl world; you can never have too many, even if none of them match.

 NFL Dog Tags for sporty dudes

The Eco-friendly Rock Star

This superman of the recycling center needs a gift as green as he is, and we’ve got just the thing.  Organic wood plugs are good for the ears and the environment.  It’s a fabulous Father’s Day win-win.

wood plugs for rockin green guys

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