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So some of you might be thinking, “what the heck is bioplast?” Bioplast is a non-metallic material used for making body jewelry, and it’s available in everything from straight and curved barbells to nose rings and retainers.  But why is bioplast a good choice?  Well here are some of the things that make it different (in a good way!) :

1. Bioplast is biocompatible

This means that it’s been tested and approved as a substance that’s capable of coexisting with the tissue of a living organism.

2. Bioplast is flexible

Because bioplast isn’t rigid like other materials, it puts less pressure on the skin of a piercing when you move.  For this reason, bioplast is sometimes worn in surface type piercings, and is a great candidate for any piercing that sees a lot of movement.

3. Bioplast is hypo-allergenic

The two most common culprits of body jewelry allergy are lead and nickel.  Since bioplast is non-metallic, it doesn’t contain either of these.

4. Bioplast is recommended for healing piercings

Due to it’s biocompatibility and flexibility, bioplast reduces the risk of chronic swelling and infection, allowing for faster healing.  And bioplast barbell shafts can safely be sterilized via autoclave up to 121 degrees celsius.

5. Bioplast is a great retainer

This material is durable, movable, and won’t put undue pressure on the skin.  Plus, it’s available clear, so it’s virtually unnoticeable when you want to hide a piercing.

So who should integrate bioplast into their body jewelry wardrobe? With it’s many virtues and vast range of color possibilities, the answer is everyone!

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