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By now most of us have heard of a bridge piercing, the horizontal surface piercing performed at the upper part of the nose bridge right between the eyebrows.  A vertical bridge piercing occurs in the same area, but because of the nose’s shaping, is generally slightly farther up, with the top ball resting on the actual forehead.  This type of bridge piercing is sometimes referred to as a “third eye piercing,” but the more commonly referenced third eye piercing is a single point piercing (called a dermal) that rests in that same area.

The concept of a third eye is connected to many forms of Eastern mysticism, with the placement of a third eye marking or piercing being associated with one of the primary chakras, or centers of energy in the body. This type of marking is symbolic of enlightenment, deep rooted spiritual knowledge, and sometimes even clairvoyance. In many Eastern religions, the enlightened beings, meditative leaders, or deities are depicted with third eye markings.  And those who participate in religious observance will often wear markings in the same place such as bindis or tilak (red dots or marks). In popular Western culture as well, the “third eye” denotes psychic abilities and spiritual peace.

Because it is a dermal piercing, most often performed as a microdermal or skin diver style piercing, the third eye piercing is visible at a single point on the skin and mimics the look of a jeweled bindi. This type of piercing is most often performed with a dermal punch, although a large gauge piercing needle may sometimes be employed instead to create a pocket in the skin.  When pierced as a microdermal, a base will be inserted underneath the skin with decoration then screwed onto the base to become the visible portion of the jewelry.  With this type of dermal, the ball or charm that shows can be interchanged.  In skin diver style third eye piercings, the jewelry is a single piece that cannot be changed out without being completely removed.

If you’re thinking of getting a third eye piercing, it’s a good idea to find a reputable piercer in your area that has performed dermal piercings before and supports a clean and healthy piercing environment.  And when in doubt, you might want to meditate on it.

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