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oral piercings and tooth care

Today is National Tooth Fairy Day, and that means it’s time to talk about something that effects the modified in a pretty unique way: oral care.

For those who have piercings of the tongue, lips, or connective tissues inside the mouth, taking care of our teeth takes on even more importance than normal, and this is the perfect moment for an aftercare brush-up.  But first, let’s take a second real quick to go over the common piercings that can effect our teeth and gums.  Here’s what we’re looking at:

 main types of oral piercing

There are many different and unique oral piercings, but these few main types encompass the vast majority of styles.  The standard tongue piercing can be performed in multiples and different places, and lip frenulum piercings like the smiley are often done in the bottom lip too, as well as the connective tissues that rest above the canines (usually called a “vampire” piercing).

For those who have gingivitis, multiple fillings, or other oral health issues, it’s especially prudent to follow your piercer’s aftercare instructions after getting one of these piercings.  Some professionals will suggest switching to non-metallic, biocompatible materials like bioplast to avoid certain issues, and most will recommend consistent use of alcohol free and/or specially formulated mouthwashes, particularly after eating.  Other instructions that are commonly given during healing include avoidance of alcohol, smoking, lip gloss usage, and highly-acidic foods.

 pre-mixed specially formulated aftercare

It’s always best to find an experienced piercer who has performed the piercing you want to get many times successfully, as certain piercings need to be placed in a particular spot to avoid the possibility of tooth or gum issues.  For more about oral piercings, check out our Oral Piercings Category, and don’t forget to thank your friendly neighborhood tooth fairy today!

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