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tribal style septum jewelry

If you’ve seen all of the beautiful new Eastern-style septum jewelry circulating the internet lately and thought that it looked either very expensive or custom made, think again.  These type of pieces are referred to as septum “clickers,” and although there are wonderful custom artisans out there, the style has become so popular that a number of gorgeous pre-made pieces are incredibly available for a lot less than you might think.

Many of the clicker septum rings are fashioned with a single jewel or a row of jewels that incorporates a larger center gem, closely mirroring a style of tribal septum jewelry that has been worn in India and Nepal for centuries, the modern version of which is sometimes called a nathori.  And it’s easy to see why this more decorative and unique type of nose jewelry has caught on so quickly.  Aside from aesthetics, the clicker closure makes it easy to insert and remove the jewelry, and the symmetrical designs lend themselves well to coupling with standard nose rings for those who have their nostrils pierced too.  They also create a world-wise and exotic look, which makes them the perfect statement piece for any fashionably accessorized outfit this coming Spring.

sweet new clicker style septum rings

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