Operation Easter: the Infiltration of Killer Cuteness

by Body Candy

One of the funnest spring trends to come out of Japan is Lolita, the sweet, super girly, and wholly feminine aesthetic that draws on childish elements and coloring to create something surreal, mischievous, and of course ridiculously cute.  So along comes Easter; bunnies, pastels, sweets, marshmallow, ruffles... What could be more cute than bunnies, pastels, and ruffles, right?  And suddenly this year’s mission becomes clear: Lolita plus Easter equals mind-numbingly CUTE!

A major element of evolved Lolita styling is the addition of fashion subsets, like “Gothic Lolita,” which blends the darkness of gothic style and the alternative components of punk style into child-like cuteness. Although it may sound like those things don’t readily mesh, the ultimate outcome is surprisingly modern and organic, creating a sort of so-cute-that-it’s-scary message that definitely works.  And even in regular Lolita streetwear, elements of zombie, vampire, and demon-esque have begun to infiltrate the strictly tea party wardrobe as an aside to the shifts of pop culture towards all things undead.

So what happens when you blend darkly beautiful and misunderstood with “Mister teddy bear, would you like another tea cake?” It’s something like a visually enthralling Alice in Wonderland.  In short: killer cuteness.

The objective: an Easter that you can really sink your teeth into.

by Body Candy

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