Alternative and Gothic Fashion Now: the Alternative Prepster

by Body Candy

Who She Is:

This fun loving and colorful character isn’t a prep, a hipster, or an indie chick, but she’s probably the best of all three. Borrowing elements from almost every facet of alternative fashion, she walks the tightrope of eclecticism, but always manages to err on the side of simplicity. Often imitated, but never duplicated, whatever she’s doing, it works.

What She’s Wearing:

What isn’t she wearing?  In it’s simplest form, a mix of patterns and textures sums it up. Think stripes with plaid, denim with satin, purple patent leather with matte black jewelry. Whatever it is, there’s always color, a much loved and essential element.

Perfect Pick:

Plaid cheater plugs. The perfect dose of kitsch and color and a fun way to add simple interest to the aesthetic. Plus, if you like the look of plugs, but are constantly changing your mind, cheaters are a great way to try out a stretched mod for a day with no risk.

by Body Candy

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