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Fringe Benefits are definitely favorable this season. Mind you, the fringe and tassel look from the flapper era is now a fierce fashion.

Tassels were originally a series of windings of thread that suspended string strands until a desired length was attained. Soon after the appearance varied with the curvature of the design, and wrappings were used to cover around the secured threading. Variations from satin to lace, these materials made the visual aspect more unique.

Commonly used in graduation ceremonies, the symbol of the tassel is of a milestone: passing into the conclusion of that phase of education. Typically the tassel is moved from right to left on the graduate’s mortarboard.

Used to edge or enhance clothing, the concept of fringe is a method of outskirting a design or piece with a multi threaded layering look. This doesn’t necessarily apply to just thread, but can be used in designs such as chandelier earrings or fringe-like bracelets.  Bordering the item can really bring a piece to a whole new level.

This spring we take the roaring twenties and pair it with an art deco design to approach an unlikely combination in style.

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