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If you wanted proof positive that Body Candy jewelry is hot this season, just look to the runway!  Student and up and coming designer Jenny Scoma showed off her unique futuristic-meets-mod style at Runway 4.0, this season’s chance for Western New York’s Fashion Technology majors to shine and bloom.

Impeccable styling and crowd pleasing moves made this runway show a non-stop visual experience, which included (amongst other things) a prominent view of some of Body Candy’s favorite of the moment pieces.

All three of Miss Scoma’s models wore Clear Light Up CZ Stud Earrings, unlit, to add extra sparkle without dominating the ensembles.  One model with a fair complexion even bared her lobes after the show to give us a look at her multiple earring holes.  Gem solitaire studs are a classic favorite, and very chic this season in clear tones and pastels, or layered in different sizes and colors for those who have multiple piercings.

Our Silver Tone Artistic Cuff adorned either one or both wrists on each model as well, packing a free form, futuristic punch and amping up the shine of the metallic fabrics to complete the look.




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