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celebrating life with lefties

Today is International Left Handers’ Day, an official holiday to celebrate the creative and quirky talents of that special 10% of the populace that scribes and scribbles lefty.  Originally started in the early nineties, this day of celebration has blossomed to include several countries around the world, and festivities range from parades, to lefty product expos, to intellectual gatherings complete with lefty lectures!  Like most holidays though, our favorite way to celebrate is, of course, with jewelry.

Most body piercings use universal jewelry, but just like with scissors, there are some special mods that require specifically lefty items.  Two of the most common are the nose piercing, and the helix piercing.  Many items of nose jewelry are universal, but for that high quality, secure fit that only a nose screw can provide, you may need to make sure that you’re choosing the right side.  Though many nose screws can be used either way, those that have a particularly tight curve will be listed as either left nostril, or right nostril.  The same can go for helix piercings.  Certain items of cartilage jewelry can only be worn on the left ear correctly if you make sure you get a specifically lefty design.

 left ear helix piercing jewelry

When it comes to tattoos, many Americans have gone lefty too.  Even though they’re not considered full lefties, those who are ambidextrous, and even a small percentage of regular righties, will tend to favor the left side of the body for both piercings and tattooing.  Some lefties of course will do the same as well, like superstar performance artist Lady Gaga, who has several tattoos, reportedly all on her left side.  Some of our other famous lefties like Justin Bieber, Pink, Adam Levine, and Eminem are of course tattooed everywhere, though even they appear to still be slightly more heavily inked on the left.

Fun Facts:

Did you know that even though only about one tenth of the population is left handed, four out of our last seven presidents have been lefties?  President Obama, Bill Clinton, George Bush Sr., and Gerald Ford are all southpaws.  And so was one of the most influential leaders in our nation’s history: Harry S. Truman.

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