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Pastoral Romance

 romantic rosy styling

Nothing says romance like a natural, beautiful, rural summer sunset.  Well, almost nothing.  The one thing that really packs a major romantic punch, in both the fashion world and the real one, is roses.  Combine soft lines, gently antiqued pastels, and a little extra feminine flourish, and even the toughest fashionista can swoon.

 feminine rose themed body jewelry

Hawaiian Wild

 hot Hawaiian inspired florals

Wild, saturated color, oversized blooms, and the retro-styled brilliance of some happy Hawaiian flare: heaven.  Tropical blossoms are such a sweet fashion standby that the tried and true Hawaiian shirt has been unisex since the fabulous fifties.  So what sets a bundle of exotic blossoms apart?  The gorgeous creature that wears them, of course.

Cool Kimono

 retro kimono prints

Though Americanized versions have hit the shelves in recent years, there’s nothing quite like a real Japanese kimono.  The good news is, there’s a wonderful way to fake it.  Bright colors, traditional Asian motifs, and modern clean lines have made kimono print the new style darling.  Just mix solid steel or titanium with a single piece of this colorful retro pop art, and your outfit’s focal point can speak for itself.

bright retro pop kimono print jewelry

fashion photography sourced via WGSN

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