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So, what does it mean if your body jewelry is annealed?

When you see the word “annealed” to describe a metal object, that means it has gone through a heat treatment process where the metal is then cooled very slowly in order to reduce the immobility of the hardened state. That means that body jewelry that would normally be non-adjustable can be transformed into a flexible version of the same durable material. What does this mean for you and your pierced style? Now we can achieve seamless looks that do not require tools and can bend easily to create a more customized fit for you and your piercing.

Our new d-rings are currently available in 16 gauge with post length options of 5/16″ (8mm), 3/8″ (10mm), and 1/2″ (12mm). Check ’em out and try out a new style that’s sure to please your need for a dainty septum ring look or some close-fitted cartilage ear candy coordination. These versatile examples of annealed body jewelry feature rounded-off ends that can be twisted open to fit into your piercing and then twisted shut again in an s-curve movement for a secure fit wherever you choose to adorn.

ANNEALED- Clothes Hanger EarringsThese adorable little clothes hanger daith cartilage earrings are coming soon to our site. Even better – these miniature versions of our closet’s best friend can be used in other ear piercings as well for a unique look no matter how you hang it.

ANNEALED- Circular RingsAnd if you don’t remember Crystal’s recent post announcing the arrival of these amazing minimalist annealed seamless circular rings, be sure to take a look at these lovely – and colorful – options for a variety of piercings, including the nostril, septum, lip, ear (including cartilage), navel, nipple, and more! The braided steel style rings are available from 20 gauge to 14 gauge in size and the seamless rings with anodized titanium options are available in many different diameters from 16 gauge to 20 gauge in size.

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