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Updated Nautical Style

Ahoy ladies! Nautical style is represented by clean lines, stripes, patriotic colors, and all things to do with the sea.  When I think nautical fashion, I think of stereotypical snooty rich girls named Buffy and Tiffany sitting on their father’s yachts sipping tropical drinks with cable knit sweaters around their shoulders, noses up, and pinkies out. That is no longer the case. I think that its time to stir things up and bring a heavy dose of punk and disorder to the yacht club.

Add a little edge to the traditional pinup style. Retro meets punk. Studded bathing suits and bikinis are the perfect compliment to a cute nautical belly ring. Nautical fashion surfaces pretty much every spring and summer season with revamps and new additions.

blending traditional nautical with punk fashion

Nautical pieces have typically been associated with the beach, but now they have penetrated into every day fashion. The models featured: On the right: Neon blue skinny jeans, Chuck Taylors, a studded white bikini top, a studded punk leather jacket, sailors hat, oversized black sunglasses, and nautical jewelry. Left: Black fitted pants, neon striped bikini top, punk leather jacket, Chuck Taylors, oversized white sunglasses, and nautical jewelry. A hat is a must for protection from the sun; stay on trend in a kitschy captain’s hat. I have also noticed bathing suits featuring a lot of fringe.  This to me is very reminiscent of a DIY modified metal/punk t-shirt.

colorful maritime belly jewelry

Stripes can be preppy, pirate (punks of the sea), or sailor inspired. Black, red, or navy blue and white are the most popular colors. Bright bursts of color make traditional nautical gear pop. Primary colors (blue, red, and yellow) as well as neons are paired with stripes add an up to date color explosion to your summer outfit. Spikes, chains, studs, and leather mixed with pirate inspired jewelry, gold, and all things from the sea are the biggest trend this coming summer. White body jewelry is very popular and fits into the clean white sailor look. There are even boards on pinterest and tumblr that are dedicated to loving white body jewelry and plugs.

cool custom color lucite jewelry

The nautical star is a staple of retro tattoo art design and now also represents an important part of the punk culture. Traditionally the nautical star represents guidance and a sailor’s reliance on celestial navigation. When associated with punk culture  it stands for unity. The nautical star, like checkers, has the two alternating colors meaning racial unity and tolerance. Nautical stars began to surface in punk culture around the time when traditional tattooing got very popular in the 1990’s. It was a common image in early American tattoo art. The nautical star, anchor, swallows, skulls, swords, mermaids, and cherries are all common to classic American tattoo art and the current retro revival.

fun nautical star body jewelry

It’s smooth sailing when you merge sexy retro with hard edged punk style. Bold accessories and bright red lips add an extra layer to this punk pin-up summer look. You do not have to prescribe to any one style or label.  Have fun with this trend and make it your own, make it original. Check out our Pinterest to see this trend and so much more for inspiration!

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