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piercing of the human navel

Piercing: Depending on the preference of the piercer, a belly piercing may be done either standing up or laying down, and may include markings with surgical pen, a hollow needle receiving tube, a pair of Pennington forceps, and/or a cork.  As with all piercings, the area will be thoroughly cleaned prior to the piercing itself.

Aftercare: Aftercare for belly piercings may include gentle cleansings with antibacterial soap and cue tips, sea salt soaks, or saline rinses.  During the initial weeks of healing, avoidance of sun exposure, chlorinated water, and makeup or self tanner are also recommended.  Because of their precarious placement, care must also be taken to avoid scraping, tapping, or blunt trauma, all of which may increase the chances of migration or rejection.

Jewelry: Although most belly rings are variations on the standard curved barbell (often referred to as a banana bell), other types of belly jewelry may also be worn including BCR belly rings, spiral barbells, and top mount belly rings.

 captive style belly jewelry

Style Variations: Depending on individual anatomy, piercings of the navel rim may be performed at almost any point along the belly button, or in multiple places at once.  Piercing of the lower rim of the belly button is an especially popular alternative to the standard, and is often called “bottom belly piercing.”

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