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 star tattoo art

Star tattoos come in many different styles and sizes, from tiny single star outlines, to groupings of stardust that span the entire length of a limb.  Amongst the more common types of stars for tattoo art are star outlines, nautical stars, and pentacles.  Celebrities with star tattoos include Rihanna, Avril Lavigne, Gisele Bündchen, and Sienna Miller.

Roses and other flowers

 tattoo art featuring roses and flowers

Flower tattoos have always been popular, and one of the most widely used floral elements in tattoo art is the rose.  Celebs with rosy ink include David Beckham, Amber Rose, Jessica Alba, and Kat Von D.

Human hearts

 heart flash art

Heart tattoos are extremely common, but in the new millennium, ink featuring the human heart (particularly the religious iconography of the “sacred heart” or heart on fire) is seeing a meteoric rise in popularity.  Audrina Patridge and Miley Cyrus are just a couple young celebrities who are in on the trend.

Angel wings

 angel wing tattoos

The angel wing is unique as a mainstream tattoo element, partially because of its larger size.  Many who have angel wing tattoo art put in the time, patience, and cash for sets of wings that span the entirety of the back or upper arm.  Some celebs with less sizable angel wing art include Nicole Richie and Kelly Osbourne.


 nautical anchor flash art

As nautical flash art experiences a major resurgence as part of the retro ink revival, the anchor is fast becoming a mainstay of modern tattooing.  Check out the rest of these rising tattoo elements:

Tribal flourishes

 tribal tattoo art

Chinese characters

 Chinese character tattoos

Swallows, sparrows, and songbirds

 sparrow and songbird tattoos


 dragon and serpent tattoo elements

Skulls and cobwebs

skull tattoo art

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