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Alien Queen

Today is a neat and freaky unofficial U.S. holiday, Extra-terrestrial Abductions Day, and to celebrate we’re breaking out some of the coolest and kookiest alien-inspired fashion.  Get ready to get a little out of this world.

mystical land formations attributed to alien activityleft to right: English crop circle, Stone Henge, the Nazca Lines of Peru (source: WGSN)

For decades the majesty of ancient buildings and massive land and crop formations has been attributed to alien activity and otherworldly sources.  Many ancient astronaut theorists believe that some ancient civilizations had direct contact with extra-terrestrials and may have even worshiped them as deities.  Whether or not you believe the hype though, a little mystical energy might be just what it takes to liven up your wardrobe for a transition to the sweetness and organic simplicity of Spring.  Just wear your mantra on your sleeve, literally.

Om symbol jewelry

Did you know that the om, aum, ohm, or aumkara is a symbol not present only in Hinduism and traditional yoga, but in several other eastern religions and philosophies as well?  Some of these include Jainism, Sikhism, Buddhism, and Ayurveda.

a vision of an intergalactic spaceshipa section of “Jupiter Masjid,” by Kenny Irwin (source: WGSN)

Even if you don’t believe in aliens, you have to admit that imagining what they would look like is totally fun.  Just think back to old episodes of the X-Files.  Would they be gray with giant heads, look a lot like human beings, or be rocking some awesome body art and naturally colorful hair a la Katy Perry in the video for the hit “E.T?”  We’re probably not even close when it comes to our imaginations, but hey, a fashionista can dream.

fun alien being body jewelry

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