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It’s the Halloween season and that means three things: Mischief, candy, and excellent fashion and jewelry on sale at crazy prices. I don’t know about you, but I love Halloween; a month full of skulls, ghosts, ghouls and creepers with enough fun

to last us the whole year through. Even in the body jewelry world it’s the perfect time to get anything spooky-related, like it’s being given away (you’re a little old for trick or treating aren’t you?). Whether you are or not, there’s no reason not to take advantage of the most horrifyingly fun season of the year.

Now as the name of the article says there’s something up this month to celebrate even before a night of costumes and candy. Mischief Night is the night before Halloween on the 30th, this night being reserved for, well, mischief! Tradition goes that the night before Halloween is for the youth to let loose and celebrate the night with pranks and tricks on their neighborhood. Over the years it evolved slightly into the “trick or treat” mentality but you know what, why not have two nights? After all if they chose trick it’s their decision!

I’m not saying that I’m a bad influence, but with classic pranks like ding-dong-ditch and the ever classic toilet papering a tree, it’s hard to resist. Classic pranks might be a nice alternative when you take a look at the traditions in other places around the world. In Canada and the northeast US, the day is commonly called “Cabbage Day” because the usual prank is to steal and throw the rotten cabbage left over from that year’s crop. It might not seem like a terrible prank but if you’ve ever smelt a cabbage field, much less an overripe one, then you’d understand for sure!

Don’t get me wrong, it isn’t time to start adding to your criminal record, but a few fun and harmless pranks here and there shouldn’t hurt anyone. If you’re really looking for the rush of getting a steal, then swipe some of the crazily discounted merchandise that gets unloaded every October. If you look closely enough you may even be able to snag something that would be the perfect accent for a Halloween outfit or party get up.

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