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Watch as Lyndzi teaches you everything you need to know about how to change out a belly ring.  From standard banana bell styles, to rings with beautiful dangles, and even top drop navel jewelry, she changes out her jewelry in real time while giving belly piercing tips and know-how.

As Lyndzi explains in the video, most belly piercings are initially done with a regular surgical grade stainless steel banana barbell belly ring, usually with gem tips, and these items should also be used during sleep and for general daily wear.  During the day and for special occasions, dangling belly rings (those that have a charm, chains, or some type of movable decoration) are also a common choice.

Perhaps one of the most difficult belly rings to put in for the first time, the last common type of navel ring, is the top drop or “top down” style.  These, like the celtic cross belly jewelry shown in the video, are exactly what they sound like: a belly ring that has the decoration at the top instead of the bottom.  This style of navel jewelry is inserted through a piercing from the top and then has a bottom ball that secures it in place.

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