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upper and lower lip modifications

Lip Ring- a piece of jewelry worn in piercings of the upper or lower lip, including labret, monroe, medusa, ashley, jestrum, dahlia, etc. coming in many styles: stud/post, circular, curved barbell.

Lip Piercings:

piercings of the top lip

piercings of the bottom lip

Multiple lip piercings or “sets” of lip piercings in particular configurations are often referred to as “bites,” and consist of the following primary examples:

sets of lip piercing bites

Some of these piercings will be called by several different names, which tend to vary widely based upon country, or even region, of origin.  Piercings of the lips are amongst the most popular modifications worldwide, including instances in both westernized and tribal societies.  The stretching of such piercings is also experiencing a resurgence on the coattails of the Modern Primitivism movement.


Most piercings in or around the lips will require dual aftercare including washes or soaks for the purpose of facilitating healing, along with rinses using alcohol free mouthwash to stave off infection and keep food particles from becoming lodged within.  Avoidance of acidic foods and beverages, alcohol, smoking, and lipstick or lipgloss usage are also encouraged.  With all fresh piercings, getting adequate sleep, practicing good hygiene, and resisting the urge to touch or play with piercing jewelry will assist in the skin’s reparative process.  As with most oral piercings, initial healing is relatively quick, generally occurring between 4 to 10 weeks.

 caring for piercings of the lips

Lip Ring Styles:

Some of the jewelry that can be worn in lip piercings includes circular jewelry like BCRs and horseshoes, as well as lesser used jewelry like the spiral barbell, and the curved barbell jewelry often worn in vertical piercings like the jestrum.

styles of lip jewelry

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