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gearing up for the Winter Olympics

Today is the first day of the 2014 Winter Olympics, held this year in Sochi, Russia.  Just some of the sports that will see competition this time around include Alpine Skiing, Luge, Curling, Figure Skating, Speed Skating, Snowboarding, Ice Hockey, and more for a total of over 98 separate events in the men’s, ladies’, and mixed teams divisions.

 Winter sports in competition

The official Olympic mascots for 2014 are stylized characters of a polar bear, a leopard (alternately drawn as an Amur leopard and a snow leopard), and a doe hare, a species of European rabbit.  Assigned to the Paralympics are Fire Boy, representing a ray of sunlight, and Snow Girl, representing a snowflake.

 fun leopard print body jewelry

Since the Olympics are occurring so close to Valentine’s Day, there’s a number of heart shaped graphics and traditional Valentine’s color schemes popping up all over the web this week.  It’s a perfect opportunity for winter sports lovers to get in on the action and support their favorite sports and athletes.

custom conversation hearts

Countries of competition in various sports can always use a little love as well, so don’t forget to root for the home team this week!  And as they say in this year’s Olympic motto, make it “Hot.  Cool.  Yours.”

support your favorite country's team

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