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If you’ve ever contacted Body Candy, you may have spoken to a woman who has one of the coolest tattoos on the planet without even realizing it. I’m talking about our team member Nicole.

Nicole has a very vibrant personality, and definitely loves color. The thing that really struck me though about this particular piece of body art is that, like so many great works of art, it seems to have taken on a life of its own. The idea started with just a short and simple explanation by miss Nicole of what she was thinking and how she wanted it portrayed, and then, like magic, she and her talented tattoo artist took a giant leap forward and turned her vision into an entire leg sleeve!

I’m told that it started with the artist using marker to sketch this design out over her calf. Then the outline of the piece was inked, and following that a series of sessions in which the color was filled. Now, things like this don’t just happen overnight. We’re talking about multiple sessions, worth big bucks, and culminating in hours of cumulative tattoo work. And although this particular idea grew larger than expected and took on a life of its own, it bears mention that tattoos should be carefully thought out and planned, like this one still certainly was.

So if you’re thinking that this piece still looks a tad unfinished, we’ll let you in on some insider information about where it’s going next. Rumor has it that our colorful friend the octopus is eventually going to be holding (wait for it), an interesting umbrella. I can’t wait to see how it turns out, can you?

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