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If you’ve never heard of the benefits of bioplast jewelry, you’ve probably overlooked it numerous times. True it may not catch your eye like a shiny piece of metal will, but the beauty lies in what these pieces of jewelry can do for your body. If you’ve noticed your jewelry irritates your piercing or if you know for certain you have a nickel allergy, sensitivity to certain metals, etc., then bioplast is a material you’ll want to be familiar with! Why?

*Drum Roll*

Bioplast is completely hypoallergenic. Your body recognizes the foreign materials in most metals/alloys as not belonging, so it may produce an adverse reaction when you try to wear jewelry made of lesser grade metals. The simplest solution for those of you with allergies is to stay away from metals entirely, unless you want to splurge on some 14K Gold pieces. Bioplast is a savvy option. And in addition to its price, its flexibility is an added bonus. Not only will your body quickly grow used to the jewelry, but you will too.

Available in many different types and styles, bioplast can easily become your new staple material for body jewelry.

  • A

    Hi Meleni,

    Bioplast is super durable and biocompatible. If you take care of your jewelry and piercings, it should last for a long time!

    Alley (Body Candy Team) on

  • M

    Hi, just wondering in your experience, how long do bioplast posts last in a piercing?

    Meleni Poulsen on

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