Funk Off! Piercing Deodorant Aftercare

by Tara

Anyone who’s modified can tell you that from time to time, certain piercings develop an unpleasant odor. This is a result of a build up of dead skin and other possible residues such as shampoo, make up, or food particles. Keeping your piercing clean is the first and foremost step in maintaining healthy body modifications. But sometimes that’s just not enough, that’s where Funk Off comes in.

What is Funk Off?
Funk Off is a piercing deodorant. It’s all natural and made from plant fats and botanical oils, so it’s vegan friendly! It’s long lasting and very effective in eliminating unwanted odors. Funk Off comes in super cute, pocket sized tins that are great for on the go piercing maintenance. The company who manufactures this product boasts 100% customer satisfaction, so give it a try!

How to Apply Funk Off

  • Remove the jewelry
  • Open the product
  • Use your finger to massage the product, the heat from your body will melt it for easier application
  • Massage the product into the desired skin
  • Wipe off the jewelry and replace it into your piercing

by Tara

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