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Have a recurring issue changing out the jewelry in that hard to see piercing?  Then maybe it’s time to think about changing your threads.

Most body jewelry is what we call “externally threaded.”  This means that the threads are on the outside of the barbell, which makes them easy to spot, but can sometimes cause difficulty for piercings that just aren’t able to be directly looked at while you change jewelry.  We’re talking piercings of the eyebrows, lips, parts of the ear cartilage; all of them can benefit from some “internal threading.”

For internally threaded items, the ball or decorative tip holds the visible threads, and screws into the barbell, which often makes it easier to be sure that your jewelry is secured in all those hard to see places.  Just line things up, twist it in, tighten, and voila!  No more stripped jewelry pieces, crooked mishaps, or accidental loss of loose parts.  Perfect for keeping your piercings (and your sanity) intact.

So how do you spot an internally threaded item?  We’re glad you asked.  Because of their uniqueness comparative to standard external items, internally threaded pieces will always be clearly labeled as such.  Also, a variety of different types of piercing jewelry will be available in internally threaded versions, so you’re sure to find something you can use in almost any piercing.  Just one more way to make your mods amazing.

  • A

    Hi Ember,

    I think this one depends on where you got your jewelry from… Depending on the brand, some boutique jewelry makers will happily fix your stripped jewelry for you.

    Do you know the brand of your jewelry? If you got it from a piercing studio, you can ask them where they got it from. Reach out to whoever made the piece and they will let you know if they can fix it for you.

    Alley (Body Candy Team) on

  • E

    Is it possible to repair 14k gold threaded end/s that have accidentally been stripped over time? I have one particular piece that cost over $100, and it’s threads have just completely stripped, but they don’t make this piece anymore, so I’m desperate to know if it can be repaired…? Thank u so much :)


    Ember on

  • A

    Hi Katherine,

    Have you tried screwing a different top into the anchor? Your dermal top could be stripped.

    If this doesn’t work, it’s definitely time for a trip back to your piercer! They may have to replace your dermal anchor.

    Alley (Body Candy Team) on

  • K

    What do I do if my dermal anchor is stripped?

    Katherine Kelser on

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