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go Chinese for Fortune Cookie Day

Celebrate Fortune Cookie Day, with fun Chinese symbol body jewelry featuring your favorite spiritual and inspirational kanji characters.

 popular kanji phrases

The beauty of Chinese as a written language is captured in these sweet pieces featuring Austrian crystal, real 14kt gold, organic black horn, and more.

 fun Chinese symbol body jewelry

Did you know?

Fortune cookies are actually not Chinese.  According to San Francisco’s Court of Historical Review, the cookies were most likely invented by Makoto Hagiwara, a prominent Japanese immigrant who designed the city’s Tea Garden in Golden Gate Park.  They’re believed to have been based on a traditional regional recipe for tea cakes that used to be sold in Japan called omikuji.  Later, during the Japanese internment of World War II, the cookies began to be sold in Chinese restaurants as a means of drawing in American customers, and have been popularly associated with Chinese-American food ever since.

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