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celebrating Native American heritage with fashion

Current fashion trends are heavily influenced by traditional Native American art and jewelry. Whimsical dream catchers are everywhere right now. If your belly button is prone to scary nightmares you may want to get yourself an über-popular dream catcher navel ring immediately. Chevrons are also used in Native American art and textiles, and we can’t get enough of Native American inspired arrows, spirit animals, feathers, and stone jewelry!

Today is Native American Day, and it’s time to go organic. Native American culture celebrates the importance of nature. Natural items are each unique due to their organic origin. Shells, coral, bone, and natural stones such as turquoise, jade, agate, tiger’s eye, serpentine, and unakite are now adorning many different kinds of accessories. Natural stone plugs are amongst the most popular. Wooden plugs, ear hangers, and earrings are also very en vogue.

Native American inspired fashion

Dream catchers are said to guard the dreams of sleeping humans. Good dreams are allowed through the web’s center hole, and bad dreams are trapped and distinguished with the light of dawn. Dream catchers consist of a round hoop with wire or leather wrapped in a web around it, beads strung in the web, and feathers hanging. The decorations and materials used in the construction of dream catchers all have a special meaning. A single bead in the middle may represent a spider and scattered beads throughout represent good dreams that may have been entangled in the darkness of the night. If there are four stones in the web it represents the cardinal directions, while feathers dangling from the dream catcher are a symbol of air and freedom.

Whimsical feathers remind me of elaborate ceremonial headdresses. When added to earrings or a belly ring they make you feel as though you are a native princess. Owl feathers represent women and stand for wisdom. Eagle feathers are for courage and represent men. Birds such as owls and sparrows are common images in popular jewelry. Other spirit animals such as wolves, tigers, leopards, bears, turtles, and deer are also trending.  You can find these wild creatures dangling from belly rings, on plugs and earrings, necklaces, t-shirts, bags, cell phone cases, and basically anything else your little heart desires. Native American art and design is everywhere right now! Keep the tradition alive and be Earth conscious while taking part in this fashion movement.

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