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family health and fitness

Today is official Family Health and Fitness Day, and for those of us who are pierced, tattooed, or otherwise modified, a huge part of protecting our health involves carefully caring for our skin.  Whether your mods are brand new or old hat, proper aftercare, jewelry maintenance, and sun protection are always going to play a part in looking and feeling good.  This is where pre-mixed aftercare products can help.  For tattoos, body piercings, and oral piercings, a balanced PH, gentle cleansing, and non-drying properties are all rolled into one to provide the best in on-the-go protection.  This is especially important for those who work out regularly, as sweat and certain movements can irritate body art.  So while you’re planning ahead in the gym for a howling good Halloween physique, it never hurts to plan ahead for piercing care too.  Fitness fans, rock on.

aftercare for body modifications

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