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brilliant Spring color

Rosy Pink

The best thing to go with rose is, well, roses.  Soft, feminine, floral-evoking blushes are hitting the Spring runway and the rack, and as pastel continues to dominate, both our clothing and our jewelry wardrobes are taking notice.  For a gentle allure that doesn’t scream girly girl, just start with little hints and splashes, like these fun floral earrings that pepper in the pinky hues.

 rosy pink feminine floral ear jewelry

Chill Chartreuse

It’s more than just a Mardi Gras staple; chartreuse is here, there, and everywhere in fashion this Spring.  It’s the perfect punchy hue to stoke that laid-back vibe, and with fun accents like spikes, gems, and stripes, you can feel a little chill even the temperature rises.  Try a belly bauble with your favorite cropped tee, and let the cool down begin.

laid back chartreuse green body jewelry

Basic Blue

Spring 2014 is seeing a massive return of classics, and nothing is more home-grown American than basic blues.  In tantalizing shades that move from cobalt to indigo, these power tints are definitely not just for jeans anymore.   Take it to the next level with simple, coordinated pieces that let color do what color does best.

 classic blue body jewelry

Natural White

Stark brilliant blasts of paper-bright white are fine for dress shirts and ankle socks, but when it comes to a free-spirited, lazy daze Summer, natural is totally the way to go.  Statement pieces clad in sun-bleached organic bone are the perfect companion to a chill warm weather lifestyle.  With cool hand-carved designs and unfussy minimalist embellishments, these sweet pics will take you through the Springtime and beyond.

natural white bone plugs

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