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mermaid-worthy fashion

Most of us had a movie obsession (or two, or three…) when we were little girls, and for me, it was definitely “The Little Mermaid.”  I think every girl wanted to be a mermaid at least once, even those of us who don’t particularly enjoy swimming.  The friendly marine life, the majestic deep sea palaces, the beauty of the sunlight as it dances on the ocean, and of course the guarantee that you’ll have the best hair on the block: what’s not to love?

Well even though our aspirations have changed, there’s one thing that remains the same.  The magic and mystique of these cryptozoological creatures is still second to none.  So when it’s time to play adult dress-up (we promise we won’t tell), getting your tail fin on is a total no-brainer, and these flirty beach themed picks are the perfect jumping off point:

beautiful oceanic body jewelry

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