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dark floral fashion

Nothing is so pretty as a freshly cut rose, except for a rose that’s a brilliant classic black.  This Fall it’s time to try your luck with darker florals, and we guarantee they’ll get just as much attention as pinks and pastels.

Ebony roses have a beauty all their own, with a darkly romantic allure, and a mysterious and mischievous fashion sensibility.  These are the roses worn by dark faeries and fractured angels; the simple yet powerful symbol of the ultimate femme fatales.  A woman with a blush rose may exude a natural beauty, but a woman with a black rose is playing close to the chest, keeping her secrets while she entices you to discover them.

 black florals and the femme fatale

To create the perfect hint of moonlit drama, pick a single feature to focus on with your florals.  Ornate earrings pair beautifully with a high neckline, while a midriff baring belly ring exudes class with a full length skirt.

 beautiful black rose belly rings

For a fun new way to garner creative attention, mix an ultra-low, back-baring cut with a messy updo and a necklace (or a few) worn in back instead of in front.  Your posterior is guaranteed to be the belle of the ball.

 dark floral back jewelry

For more about how to style and accessorize with jewelry, check out the rest of our Jewelry Fashion category, and stay tuned for more about Fall’s big trends.

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