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flowery holiday jewelry fashion

Everyone knows that a little holly, some brilliant poinsettias, and a sprig of tantalizing mistletoe are perfect for decking the halls and walls, but what about decorating the most important part?  You!  Holiday florals are so much more than evergreen, and a touch of flowering feminism will make any holiday ensemble pop.

styling florals for the holidays

For updos the ultimate in floral flirtiness is a shining ear stud with a built in cuff.  Nothing says Christmas like luminous gold, and with floral motifs like ribbons, bows, pearls, and leaves, your lobes are likely to get some major notice.  Wear it in one ear for a modern and simple feel, or deck both your beauties for some sparkling holiday drama.

glitzy ear cuff stud earrings

When wearing midriff-baring cocktail dresses, a little belly ice makes the party extra nice.  Be a snow queen with frosted gems and luminous clear crystal, or heat things up a bit with splashes of red or black damask swirls.  Anything goes when it comes to a flowering middle, as long as the frocks (and the cocktails) are a ten.

Christmasy floral belly jewelry

If you’re used to a simple plug or tunnel most of the year, then the holidays are definitely the time to treat yourself.  Dangling plugs combine the stability of a standard plug, and the glitz of a dangle earring in one perfect package.  Floral motifs and dazzling hanging gems and beads make these fabulously fun accessories the center of attention, and as a bonus they draw the eye to the bottom half of your face, where a pair of pouty lips can snatch some focus of their own.

sweet floral dangle ear plugs

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