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gifts for persons with multiple mods

It’s no secret that piercings and tattoo art are a huge part of life for the younger set, but with so many variables playing into modification, it’s hard to know exactly what will work gift-wise and what won’t.  So even if you’re not sure exactly what size a piercing is or how much of that beautiful ink is new, here’s a few ideas that are sure to result in some smiles:

If you’re not sure what diameter those horseshoes are, or what size barbell your favorite cousin wears in her eyebrow, no sweat.  As long as the gift recipient in question has multiple piercings, chances are they could use some replacement balls for their jewelery.  Not only are extra balls great to have on hand for anyone who has piercings, but with coordinated multi-packs they can also fulfill the fashion needs of those who like to frequently change up their look.  Quick tip: for giftees who wear mostly captive ring style jewelry, be sure that you get replacement balls made specifically for BCRs; regular threaded balls won’t fit properly.

 body jewelry replacement ball bonus packs

If you’re playing santa for a person who has stretched ears, but you have no idea what gauge they are, there’s a couple things that’ll still work to tickle their modification fancy.  As long as their piercings are large enough to accommodate tunnels (the type of jewelry that has an opening in the center which can be seen through), then they’re large enough to accommodate tunnel earrings too.  These are a special type of dangle earring made specifically to be worn threaded through a tunnel.  The earring size is universal, and will work with pretty much any size tunnel plug, so there’s no guess work.

stretching balm and jewelry boxeshoop earrings made for tunnel plugs

For gift recipients that have multiple piercings and tattoos and are seemingly adding new work all the time, don’t worry if it’s hard to keep track of all the details.  The surefire pleaser is aftercare products.  These are convenient, pre-mixed solutions and creams that are specially formulated for cleansing and moisturizing body art.  There are even special swabs that are pre-filled with piercing cleanser for the ultimate in on-the-go modification care.  Since spending money on aftercare is an essential part of life for the pierced, inked and stretched, they’ll definitely thank you.

pre-mixed piercing and tattoo aftercare

Finally, for the gal who’s always wearing snazzy belly rings, why not add a few more to her collection?  As the second most popular piercing in the western world (falling underneath ear piercings of course), belly piercings have become fairly universalized.  Pretty much all regular piercings of the navel are performed using the same size needle, so the vast majority of belly rings on the market will fit.  Scoop up some sparkly holiday pieces, or let us do the work for you with one of our new dangle belly ring sets.  Your holiday shopping will be so easy, it should be illegal.

sparkling holiday belly jewelry and sets

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