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green fashion for St. Patty's

Cool Clover

Saint Patrick’s Day is coming on fast, and even if you’re nowhere near Irish, it promises to be a magnificent celebration.  So how do you doll it up for the mean green party?  Just rock your shamrocks and you’ll fit right in.  Whether it’s glitter, green gems, or just some funky clover print, flying with your four-leafers on lets everyone know you’re in the holiday spirit (and a little extra luck never hurt anybody either).

cute green clover body jewelry

Nifty Neon

If you’re more of a rager than a ’round the pub type, then a little dose of dangerous is essential for Patty’s Day fun.  Enter the neon green accessories.  Baubles, bows, birdies, and anchors are just the beginning when it comes to heating up this Irish heritage holiday.  So take your cues from Demi Lovato and burn it up with your own neon lights.  Just don’t be surprised if you get some extra attention, because in these hot little numbers, you’re bound to be the life of the party.

sweet neon green body jewelry

Green Sheen

For gals who can’t say no to green, staying classic is as easy as 1-2-3: one brilliant hue, two sparkling gems, and three times the wow factor for your favorite Irish ensemble.  High shine titanium in a variety of beautiful shades blends into your outfit effortlessly and imparts a little oomph that’ll leaving feeling lucky.

shining green titanium body jewelry

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