Body Jewelry Update: a Taste of the Victorian

by Lorna

Victorian style fashion

We’ve finally hit that special part of Winter; the end is in sight, and we can feel (and sometimes even smell) the impending Spring just waiting in the wings to fill our lives with warmth and sunshine.  This is the time of year when we’re surrounded by pastels aplenty, and the thought of blooms and sundresses really brings out the girly in us.  So if you’re inner femme has been hibernating under over-sized sweatshirts and flannel all season, this is the time you can start to let it breathe.  Feed your softer side with some of these girly goodies, featuring rosy tones, iridescent gems, and floral motifs.  Victorian style is the perfect way to say hello to Spring.  Maybe even a curtsy?

Victorian themed body jewelry

by Lorna

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