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Fall fashion gets a case of the blues

It’s a Blue, Blue World

 surrounded by blue

Who says that blue is a strictly natural hue?  What the skies, oceans, and flowers can’t give us, we’re free to create for ourselves.  Like the late nineties hit says, “and everything is blue…”

 solid blue bioplast barbells

Urban Re-blue-al

 city style goes blue

What’s better than brilliantly blue styling?  A blue fashion fix with a little hint of urban edge.  Just grab your favorite fedora and a packet of indigo Rit, and you’re ready to fly.

Piercingly Blue

 blue and body modification

Blue goes with piercings and body mod like peanut butter blends flawlessly with jelly.  And just like a schoolyard lunch box sammie, a little azure boasts a lot of flavor.

 blue taper plug body jewelry

Beauty That Blue Your Mind

 blue hair and makeup

Too late for a helmet, cause we already blue your mind!  Seriously though, blue is a versatile hue, hitting everything from lips, eyes, and nails, to hair decorations, jewelry, and even modern hairstyles this Fall.  Time for a blued-out blow-out for sure.

Iconic Blues

 iconic blue cultural references

There are few things in life more recognizable than a pair of Levi’s or a blue m&m, but the Playboy bunny logo may just be one of them.  Iconic style plus blissfully blue color equals major Fall fashion pay-off, perfect for beating the end of Summer blues.

blue Playboy bunny jewelry

Fashion photography sourced via WGSN

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