Crash Course: Body Jewelry Back to School Supplies

by Lorna

modification must haves for back to school

It’s that time of year again.  The time for back to school shopping, stacking up that new new Fall wardrobe, and prepping for yearbook photos and homecoming dances.  But for those who are pierced, there’s a couple things you’ll need this season that may not have been on your shopping list.  Here’s the lowdown:

1. Replacement Parts

Body Jewelry Bonus Packs

Replacement parts are a must have to prevent any little mishaps from becoming big problems.  From time to time, a barbell might get bent or stripped, or a body jewelry ball might get lost, and for those instances when you can’t exactly leave class to grab another, having a bonus pack with all of the necessary pieces stashed in your locker can be a life saver.

2. Aftercare

on the go aftercare products

Aftercare (for new piercings especially) is an absolute must, but can be difficult to fit into a busy schedule packed with after school clubs and activities.  That’s where ready-mixed, on the go products like sprays and mouthwashes come in.  Just carry some of these with you, and you’ll always be taken care of whether its after gym or at your after-school job.

Now that we’ve gotten that out of the way, it’ time to welcome another happy, healthy, and ridiculously hectic school year.

by Lorna

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