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Communing with Creatures of Wisdom

 getting friendly with the stately owl

Making friends with the feathery set doesn’t necessarily have to include meditation and tribal decoration, but it certainly doesn’t hurt for those who are looking to gain insight into the ancient wisdom that’s carried by these noble nocturnal birds of prey.  Make your solar chakra happy with some colorful avian love.

 colorful owl themed navel rings

Feathered Friends

 owl feather fashion

Looking for a little fashion wisdom?  Nothing is sweeter than natural feathers.  Hanging from the hair, the forehead, the neck, the wrist, and especially the ears, long thought of as the filters of knowledge and truth.

 earrings made with natural feathers

Having a Hoot

 owl printed large gauge ear jewelry

What could be better than a wise old owl that doesn’t appear so wise or so old?  These cute little cartoony hatchlings have just the right blend of brightness and beauty to make any ensemble worth giving a hoot about.

fashion photography sourced via WGSN


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