Alternative and Gothic Fashion Now: the Glam Rock Goddess

by Lorna

Who She Is:

 fearless glam rock styling

She’s a little bit retro punk, a little bit vampire vixen, and a whole lot of glitter and insatiable glam.  This fierce and fearless rock goddess wears the wardrobe that most girls only dream about having the confidence to pull off, and her accessories are a direct extension of her wild and wonderful personality.

What She’s Wearing:

 cool titanium cone tipped body jewelry

Think giant gems, layers of chains, plenty of spikes, leather, glitter, animal print, and just about anything else that fits into the rockstar aesthetic.  She probably has a little bit of everything, and looks amazing in every single piece of it.

Perfect Pick:

 rockin glamorous crystal earrings

This girl is what we call a firecracker, and when it comes to jewelry, it’s go big or go home.  Some hot, huge, and dangly glamazon earrings are the perfect piece to finish off an outfit built around her new favorite shirt (if you can call that much fabric a shirt).

by Lorna

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