How Should You Prep for Your Piercing?

How Should You Prep for Your Piercing?

Whether you’re about to get your first piercing or your tenth, there are steps you should take and things to consider as you get ready to get your piercing. It’s important to be well-rested and feel your best on the day of your appointment which means you need to do (and not do) a few things the night before.

Before your piercing you should make sure to:

  • Get a good night’s sleep the night before
  • Don’t drink alcohol the night before
  • Stay hydrated
  • Eat a good meal within 4-6 hours of your appointment

When you take these steps to prepare for your piercing it helps your blood sugar and makes it less likely that you will feel dizziness or pass out.

Listed below are some other important and practical things to consider on the day of your piercing appointment.


What to Wear

On the day of your piercing, you should dress in loose, comfortable clothing; especially if your piercing will be covered by your clothes. This will prevent unnecessary chaffing, snagging, or irritation to your fresh piercing and help you to feel relaxed during and after your piercing.


What to Bring

If you’re getting an ear or facial piercing and have long hair, bring a hair band so that you can pull it back and up to keep it out of your piercer’s way.

Bring your photo ID to verify your identity and age.


Who to Bring

Do you think that you’ll need moral support? Will you be more relaxed if it’s just you and the piercer without an audience? Will you need a ride after? These are all up to you, depend on what you’re getting pierced, and how you think you’ll react. If you do bring someone, limit yourself to one person that will be quiet and supportive throughout the appointment.


Get to know your piercer’s health and safety policies. If you’re sick, it will be harder for your body to heal and could affect your piercing so you should reschedule your piercing appointment for another time. Give your piercer as much notice as possible.

When you take all these steps before your piercing appointment it will help you to feel your best before, during, and after the experience. Good luck!