Can I Get My Healed Piercing Re-pierced in the Same Place?

Can I Get My Healed Piercing Re-pierced in the Same Place?

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One of the most common questions people have when they have several piercings gotten over many years is whether they can get an old, healed piercing re-pierced in the same place. They wonder if it’s ok to pierce through scar tissue, if it will it take longer to heal, and if it will it hurt more. If you’re thinking about getting an old piercing that has closed re-pierced, then keep reading for some helpful information.


Reasons You Might Have Removed Your Piercing

No matter why you got rid of your piercing in the first place, it’s important to think about whether or not those same issues are still in place now or if you’re free to pierce as you please. Listed below are some common reasons to take out a piercing permanently.

  • Surgery
  • Illness
  • Pregnancy
  • Migration or healing issues
  • Your career or job required it
  • Sports or activity issue
  • Weight loss
  • You didn’t like it anymore

Depending on the location of your piercing, you should ask yourself if you’re ready to get re-pierced. Are you done having children or do you hope to have more? Do you still play that sport or do the activity that caused you to take it out in the first place? Will it affect your job? Don’t romanticize the issue. Make sure this piercing will work for you before you decide to re-pierce.

So, does that mean you can you get your piercing redone or not? There are some other factors to consider once you’ve decided that the piercing you took out before is right for you again.


The Realities of Re-Piercing

The first thing to do once you’ve committed to the idea is to visit your trusted piercer for a consultation about the area in questions. Some of the things that will come into consideration include how long the piercing has been closed and if it is fully healed or not. Some piercers believe that dense scar tissue holds a piercing well and that healed areas can be easier to pierce through, but this is on a case-by-case basis and is affected by your anatomy and how your first piercing healed.

Does Re-Piercing Hurt More or Take Longer to Heal?

This is another part of re-piercing that varies from person to person. Some people say that piercing through the scar tissue of an old ear or nose piercing is easier while others say that thicker areas where you are piercing through cartilage is worse. As for healing times, they are usually a little fast for a re-piercing, unless you are being pierced in a slightly different location near the old one. This may take a little longer.

Whatever you decide, make sure to consult a trusted piercer in your area before making any decision and if you do re-pierce, take excellent care of your new/old piercing so that you’ll have for a lifetime!