How Old Is TOO Old?

How Old Is TOO Old?

2021 is drawing to a close. As the holidays approach and the remainder of the year winds down, you may be wondering to yourself......” How old is TOO old to be pierced? Will there come a day where I’m just too old to have piercings anymore?”

The easiest answer to this is that you are NEVER too old to rock your piercings! The Baby Boomer generation grew up in a time where body piercing was extremely rare. Generation X made it more common, but only among the alternatively inclined subgroups. However, the rising of the Millennial Generation and Generation Z has brought about an explosion in the number of piercings and body modifications that you see on a regular basis. People in their 60’s and upwards are going out for their first non-lobe piercings! It’s truly beautiful to see the torch being handed both to the teens coming of age and the more mature folks who missed out the first time around.

With both the innovations in technology and the unfortunate outbreak of COVID-19, telecommuting and freelancing have both become more standard options in the job market. There are still jobs that, due to safety laws or their extremely conservative nature, require you to remove or hide most or all piercings. These jobs are slowly becoming the minority, however. If you can do your job from your living room, while rocking your favorite pajamas, you can do your job rocking some killer piercings!

Your skin does go through changes as you age. It tends to thin and be less elastic. This may affect certain piercings such as lobes or nipples. Piercings that are anchored in cartilage have a firm base in which to rest. This is something to keep in mind if you plan on stretching your piercing.

You may be uncertain about walking into a piercing studio and being significantly older than the rest of the people in the shop – fear not! Modified folks tend to be a friendly and welcoming bunch and giving someone their first piercing (especially an older person) is often a wonderful, milestone experience! And if you are concerned about the reactions of friends or family, simply remind them that it is your body, after all, and you are entitled to do with it as you wish.

P.S. - Just in case you’re wondering how to make your existing piercings a little more festive for the holiday season, Body Candy has you covered! We’ve got everything from Christmas Trees to snowflakes to the Star of David on all styles of jewelry! You can rock a snowflake in your cartilage piercings or flaunt some Santa Claus nipple shields for a look that’s both festive and sexy. Whether you’re trimming the tree or trimming the wicks on your Chanukkah candles, don’t forget to add some holiday flair to your piercings and decorate your body for the holiday season!

A happy holiday season and happy piercing – no matter what your age!