How has piercing changed in the last few years?

How has piercing changed in the last few years?

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Obviously, the COVID-19 outbreak has changed pretty much everything. Unsurprisingly, this includes body piercing. Today we’re going to discuss a few of the general changes to the piercing experience that have been brought on by the pandemic and how that might affect you. (Naturally this may be different, depending on where you are located.)

You may notice the changes before you even arrive at the piercing studio. Many piercers now require you to make an appointment. No more walk-ins! They may keep the doors locked and only allow you in the building when it’s time for your appointment. This doesn’t mean you should be rushed through your appointment as a good piercer will manage their schedule in a way that still allows you time to browse the jewelry selection, ask questions, and peruse their portfolio if you haven’t already. (Note: You should probably have already looked at their portfolio if it’s a piercer you haven’t been to before. If it’s full of pictures of terrible piercings, you don’t want to make an appointment with this piercer in the first place.) Many piercers no longer allow you to bring a friend back into the piercing area with you for moral support. If you really are scared about getting your piercing, perhaps a plush toy or other comforting item may serve as a stand-in.

The next big change has been to the piercing options available. Many studios are not currently performing piercings that are located under where a mask would sit. That means any oral or nasal piercings (aside from the nasal bridge) may not be available to you. This can be frustrating if you’ve been waiting for the right moment or if you tend towards impulse piercings. Try to remind yourself that this will come to an end and that tongue or nostril piercing that you’re dreaming of will be yours…. eventually. Speaking of masks, you will almost certainly be required to wear one while in the studio. Regardless of your feelings about them, it’s only for a short period of time and is a small price to pay for getting the piercing you want.


One thing that hasn’t changed is an overall dedication to giving customers a safe and sanitary piercing experience. In fact, this has increased dramatically. If you walk into a piercing studio and it’s not clean, if there’s biohazardous waste sitting out or sterile technique isn’t being adhered to, you want to leave. This is actually good advice regardless of whether there’s a pandemic or not. If no effort is being put into keeping the storefront area clean, one can only imagine whether or not the piercing area is sanitary.

COVID-19 has changed our world in ways we never saw coming. From paper towel shortages to not being able to get your septum pierced, it has permeated every corner of our lives. Until it ends, we need to be patient and wait it out. We may not be able to get our dream piercings right now, but that doesn’t mean we can’t get pierced at all. Support your local piercer and make sure to tip well for good service. That is how we can help make sure that they are still there when this is over! Be safe, be patient, and don’t let this pandemic destroy the industry we love so much!