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hiding piercings for the holidays

Is having every tattoo and piercing scrutinized by your relatives becoming an every-year holiday nightmare?  Are you cringing when you think about what great aunt Fay will say when she sees that you’ve added a few new holes to your collection? Then this year, it might just be time to hide.

Getting rid of your modifications altogether can’t be done (unless of course, you’re planning to get re-pierced), but making them extremely difficult to see is something that’s not too challenging to accomplish.  All you’ll need are some artfully placed retainers.

Clear retainers work the best for facial piercings, especially when you’re looking to avoid having them noticed.  Many of your options will be topped with flat, clear discs, and are available in a range of sizes to ensure a nice snug fit.  Also, because retainers will generally be made of acrylic or flexible bioplast, there’s no need to worry over nickel allergies.

 clear body piercing retainers

Stretched ears are little more difficult to hide, but you can minimize their appearance with flesh toned silicone plugs.  Then choose a holiday hairstyle that involves leaving your locks down, and your lobes should be mostly shielded from attention.  Alternatively if your lobes are still relatively small, you can pop in a pair of dangly earrings styled with a lever back to be sure they stay in.  Under your hair the stretch won’t be easy to spot, and long dangling pieces draw the eye down towards your neck.

 flexible plugs and tunnels made with silicone

Tattoos can be masked with thick, full-coverage base makeup, or covered strategically with pieces of clothing.  And always remember, when all else fails, any rude or silly questions about “why” you’ve been pierced or inked can be answered with a simple, “because it makes me feel beautiful.”  Happy holidays, trendsetter.



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