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dangling holiday earrings

Everybody wants their holiday look to be special, whether it’s more sparkles, a touch of extra bling, or just a little polish and classic panache.  One of the easiest ways to make some fashion magic happen is with the accessories and jewelry you choose to accent a well blended celebratory outfit.  The best strategy is to simply turn it up a notch.  If you generally prefer to wear silver or steel, some warmer metallic hues like yellow or rose gold, or vintage-inspired copper will definitely get some special notice from your fellow revelers.  Saturated gem tones or longer chains and dangles are another way to make some statement jewelry really pop.  To keep it sexy and classic, just pick one piece to be the focus, like an ornate collar necklace, or some snazzy statement earrings.  Slip on some glitzy polish or a glittery hint of gloss, and your holiday ensemble will set fire to the room.

holiday worthy statement ear jewelry

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