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Bonus Packs

Body Jewelry Bonus Packs are always good to have on hand, not just for an easy way to change up their look, but also as a backup stash of spare parts.  This way if body jewelry balls get lost at an inopportune time, just crack open the bonus pack, grab an extra, and go.

 body jewelry bonus packs

Stretching Kits

For modification enthusiasts who stretch their ears, a home stretching kit is an invaluable tool.  These kits come with nine tapers or tunnels that span a range of sizes, allowing any stretcher to adjust their lobe measurement in small increments from the comfort of their baño.

 9 piece home earlobe stretching kits


Whether piercings are new or seem like they’ve been there forever, every skin mod can benefit from a little extra TLC.  Premixed aftercare sprays, mouthwashes, and creams are cool, convenient, and great to have on the go.  No fuss, no muss.

 premixed piercing aftercare products

Jewelry Candles

If you want to give the gift of adventure and a little bling, look no further than the jewelry candle.  It’s a clean burning soy candle with a delicious aroma, that reveals a beautiful ring, belly ring, necklace, or earrings within the wax.  You just light it, burn it, enjoy it, and uncover a bit of sparkle than can be worth anywhere from $15 to $5000! Talk about a merry Christmas!

 Jackpot scented soy jewelry candles

Gift Cards

And finally, for the modified gift recipient that already has it all, never underestimate the value of a little buying power.  Gift cards to an online body jewelry store allow the pierced to shop at home in their jammies, for all of the barbells and belly rings that their little hearts desire.

 BodyCandy body jewelry gift cards

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