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body mod holiday gift tips

The holiday season is in full swing, and you might be thinking about getting jewelry for the pierced people in your life.  But how do you know what to get?  Well there’s a few basics that will definitely help to start, like knowing what people wear where.  Here we go:

Nose Piercings

There are actually a few different types of common nose jewelry, but the two most long-lived, classic styles are the nose screw, and the nose hoop.  If you see your pierced giftee wearing hoops a lot the decision is obvious, but if it’s usually a small stud, a screw would be the way to go.  (Other nose jewelry styles include the L-shaped, and the nose bone.)

 jewelry for nose piercings

Belly Piercings

If you’re overwhelmed with all of the options here, it’s helpful to remember just a few belly basics.  1) Although BCR (hoop/ring) style belly jewelry is cute, many persons who were pierced with a standard curved barbell can find it uncomfortable, so it’s best to stick with the curved or “banana bell” style.  2) Ornate or chandelier style dangles may look beautiful, but they’re definitely not practical for everyday wear.  Sticking with a small simple charm or a fixed decoration will ensure that your recipient gets more wear out of their piece.  3) For those who have the bottom rim of their belly button pierced, you’ll want to get what’s called a “top dangle” or “top mount” item.  Most standard upper rim jewelry won’t work very well here.

 jewelry for belly button piercings

Tongue Piercings

For piercings of the tongue, you’ll want to get a straight barbell, but what style you choose is entirely a matter of taste.  If your subject most often wears unembellished steel items, you’ll definitely want to keep it simple, and switching to a biocompatible non-metallic material like bioplast is a great option too, especially for persons who have complained of tooth or gum issues.

 jewelry for tongue piercings

Ear Cartilage Piercings

Piercings of the ear’s outer rim or “helix” are incredibly fun to buy for because there’s a range of options here that are universally well worn.  Standard studs are lovely if you’re keeping it simple, but dangle items and specifically helix earrings are definitely great if you’re looking for more personality.

 jewelry for ear cartilage piercings

For tragus piercings, just look for studs or small diameter circulars that are specifically labeled as tragus pieces.

 jewelry for tragus ear piercings

So now that we’ve had a successful huddle, we’re primed and ready for the final holiday shopping rush.  Break!

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