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In an age where there is so much fighting going on, between the three U.S. wars, the fight over the deficit and more, we could all use a little peace and love.  True to a style that was created in the 1960s during the “Flower Child” counterculture movement, there is more peace-sign jewelry now than ever.  The style that used to be reserved for Vietnam War protesters is everywhere, especially at all the big summer concert festivals.

There are always plenty of peace sign necklaces, but these days there are all kinds of decorum boasting the peace symbol.  From sparkly green Lucite earrings, to awesome 14k Yellow Gold belly rings, your simple message of peace can really make your outfit speak up.   There are so many other ways to incorporate peace and love into your jewelry style too.  Try peace sign plugs in one of tons of different styles, from subtle, to Rasta colorful, glow-in-the-dark, or even cheater plugs (for those who don’t want to commit to stretching their ears).  Then there are eyebrow rings, labret/Monroe studs, Patriotic belly rings and even tongue rings (if you want to tell your food that you are raising the white flag).

Can you imagine if the message of peace took over the rest of the world like it has the fashion world? We might be on our way.  Keep spreading the word and maybe they will see the sign.

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