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We’ve all seen some pretty awesome looking piercings, on live individuals, on television, and in popular magazines.  The look of body piercings and color tattooing is fresh, and edgy, and you can’t help but wonder “what would I look like with that piercing or tattoo?”  Well now you can find out, without the pain, extended healing time, and monetary expense, and we’re going to show you exactly how.


To fake a piercing, you’ll need a piece of clip-on illusion jewelry.  This type of item is usually a ring and will have a small flat surface at one end to help hold it in place.

Illusion rings can fake the appearance of a hoop, segment ring, or ball captive ring, depending on whether they have a movable ball attached and where they are positioned.  To use the jewelry, fit the ring where you want your fake piercing to be, adjust the size of the opening accordingly with your fingers or a pair of jewelry pliers, be sure the flat end is on the inside of the lip, nose, ear, or belly and can’t be seen, and voila.

Clip-on rings are also available in sets of two or three rings attached together to one frame.  This way you can easily fake multiple piercings of the same area without having to attach separate rings or worry about movement.

Just like real piercings, faux piercing jewelry should be regularly cleaned with antibacterial soap, and exposure to products containing alcohol should be avoided to preserve color and finish.

A list of piercings that can be faked with this type of non-pierced illusion ring includes belly piercings, lip piercings, nostril piercings, septum piercings, helix piercings, conch piercings, and tragus piercings.


To fake the look of a gauged piercing, you’ll want a cheater plug.  This type of faux plug is essentially a regular earring, but with a large imitation plug piece on each side to create the illusion of a stretched body piercing.  There are even o-rings attached to some of these styles to really mimic the appearance of a full sized plug.

Cheater jewelry comes in regular plug styles, tunnel styles, and taper styles, and is incredibly effective at completing the illusion of gauging.

Although this type of faux plug is primarily used in the ear, it’s possible to wear them in other piercings of 16 gauge size, like labret or upper ear piercings.


Making a temporary tattoo look real is difficult work, but it can certainly be pulled off if you know what to do.  First off, try to avoid temporary tattoos that are too large, have glitter, or come in extremely bright or neon colors.  All of these things will give the tattoo away as being a fake.

Next, cut around the design as close to the color edge as possible; the less shiny clear coating around the coloring the better.

Then, shave the area you’re going to tattoo, and moisturize with light lotion or facial moisturizer.  Apply the tattoo as directed.

Once the tattoo is in place and has fully dried along with the skin around it, set it with some mattifying face powder.  If you’re tan and the coloring doesn’t quite match, dust your new tattoo with a hint of bronzer, or if you’re trying to fake a new tattoo, apply some vaseline (new tattoos must be regularly rubbed with ointment to help the healing process).

Now you’re ready for costume parties, holiday dress-up, or just a fun night of amazing new body art and modification that can be taken off later!

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