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celebrating Memorial Day

Memorial Day is finally here, which also means the official beginning of Summer.  This holiday wasn’t always about flags, food, and fanfare though.  In fact, it originated in the 1860s as a means to commemorate Union soldiers who had fallen during the Civil War, which was traditionally done by decorating their graves.  In the decades since however, it has come to commemorate all American soldiers who have fallen during duty.

Gradually, Memorial Day blossomed from simple grave decoration, to full on patriotic celebration, and has grown to include picnics, parades, and services honoring the military’s deceased service men.  All kinds of festivities to herald the arrival of summer are common too, including family barbecues, beach parties, and  sometimes even fireworks.  And as with the Fourth of July and Flag Day, it’s common to wear patriotic clothing, jewelry, and accessories.

fun flag and military accessories

Popular items include those bearing military insignia, images of US monuments, or variations of the American Flag.  Happy Memorial Day everybody!

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